November 2022 Trustee Meeting Minutes

November 2022 Trustee Meeting Minutes

Trustee Meeting – November 14, 2022

The Board of Deerfield Township Trustees met in regular session on Monday, November 14, 2022, at 6:00pm, with Trustees Ed Dean, Tiffany Havens and Mark Bann present. Chairman Bann opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ed moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting held October 10, 2022 and approve them as written. Mark seconded the motion and the roll call vote was as follows:

Mr. Dean Mr. Bann Ms. Havens


Abstained – Since Absent

Ed moved to approve the October financials as presented. Tiffany seconded the motion and the roll call vote was unanimous.


Portage County Recycling District is hosting a household hazardous waste collection day November 19, 2022 from 8am – Noon located at 3589 Mogadore Road in Kent, Ohio.

Resolution No. 22-23
Local Government Funds Increase to .895% for Deerfield Township:

Approving and accepting the Portage County Budget Commission’s alternative method of apportioning and distributing the Local Government Fund

The Board of Trustees of Deerfield Township, Portage County, Ohio met at a regular session, on the 14th day of November at Deerfield Town Hall, with the following members present:

Mr. Bann Mr. Dean Ms. Havens

Mark Bann moved to adopt Resolution No. 22-23,

WHEREAS, Deerfield Township is a participating political subdivision and has been provided with an alternative method of apportioning the local government fund as put forth in Exhibit “A” and attached to this Resolution.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Deerfield Board of Township Trustees does hereby approve and accept the percentage set forth in the alternative method of apportioning and distributing the local government fund for a term of 10 years as set forth in Exhibit “A” and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Township Fiscal Officer is hereby directed to certify a copy of this Resolution to the Portage County Budget Commission.

Tiffany seconded the motion and the roll call vote was as follows: Mr. Bann Yes

Ms. Havens Yes Mr. Dean Yes

Adopted: November 14, 2022

 Robert Mix attended the meeting to discuss the possibility of Southeast Youth Soccer Association using the fields from April through June 2023 for practices and games for a Spring League. Practices begin 1st week of April. Games take place May through June on Saturday mornings from 9am to noon. They requested should Deerfield agree for a place to store goalies at a size of approximately 15’x 6’. Field sizes are 110-120’ long x 60-80’ wide. Smaller fields are 20’x20’. Insurance is provided by the league. Registration would begin in January 2023. The age range for players is 4 years old through junior high. The Trustees indicated they are open to allowing Southeast Youth Soccer Association the use of Deerfield Township fields.

Fire Department: Chief Vaughn Sutcliffe provided a verbal report for the fire department on activity since the last meeting. The fire department is up to approximately 484 runs for the year, with 58 ran since the last meeting, which includes 43 EMS calls, 1 fire, 3 motor vehicle accidents, 7 mutual aids, 1 public assist, 1 alarm drop, 1 smoke fire investigation and 1 burning complaint.

Chief Sutcliffe is currently working on the fire reimbursement for the members & expects to be done this week.

Unit #1411, the ambulance had a flat tire during a call. Spare was put on and was back in service within an hour. Deerfield received a recommendation to replace both front tires in order to repair the tire and the vibration issue.

Unit #1418, the driver side dump valve is stuck closed & are unable to use at this time. Chief Sutcliffe is in the process of obtaining estimates for a butterfly valve made for fire service to replace.

Members have been working on station maintenance, which includes painting the front sign, new ceiling fan and light in office, new photo sensor on front security light, and a new organized work bench in back building. Hazmat and water rescue equipment has been organized for a quicker response time.

Nick Lam requested the Lowe’s card be returned to the fire members to continue to make small repairs going forward. At this time, the Trustees do not wish to re-issue the Lowe’s card to the fire chief and members.

Chuck Little has stepped down as Captain as he prepares for his retirement next year to allow other members to take over this position.

Lindsay Davis, Zachary Freyn and Mitchell Graf have passed the Fire Investigator Class. The next steps are to take the State Exam.

Breanna Westover has signed up to attend the EMT class starting.

The Deerfield Fire Department obtained three (3) estimates on the self-contained breathing apparatus for the grant. They feel MSA gave the best deal coming in at $104,312.00, which includes training.

A new dry hydrant was installed at 99 State Route 14. Tim Stropki was thanked for allowing Deerfield Township the use of his pond. Ed made a motion to pay $700 from the fire fund to approve the purchase of the materials needed. Tiffany seconded the motion and the roll call vote was unanimous.

Chili Cook-Off raised $1,600, which will be used towards the Jaws for Life. Winners were Denice Adams and the Department member was Leslie Hafler. Deerfield Fire thanked everyone for their support.

Chief Vaughn Sutcliffe submitted a letter to the Deerfield Township Trustees that was read aloud at the meeting. He thanked the Board for the opportunity to lead our department over the previous year. Due to time and lack of experience dealing with the ever changing local, state and federal governmental rules and regulations, he would like to step down after the organization meeting January 2023 in order to allow an individual with the expertise and qualifications to lead to step up. He is willing to stay up through May 1st of 2023 and would like to assist and participate in the recruitment and determination of the next candidate. Tiffany made a motion to initiate the application process to hire a new chief. Ed seconded the motion and the roll call vote was unanimous.

Road Department: Ed made a motion to approve $645 to make repairs to the backhoe, which includes a new water pump, fluid, filters, and rebuild the hood brackets, etc. Tiffany seconded the motion and the roll call vote was unanimous.

Four (4) culvert replacements were completed since the last meeting. Residents pay for the materials and the Township provided the labor.

Buildings & Grounds/Cemeteries: The Road Department has been working on leaf cleanup and filling in stump holes in the cemeteries. The Circle looks great and best it has looked this time of year in several years.

The dumpsters at the fields are no longer needed. Ed will make the phone call to ask them to remove. The dumpsters at the Deerfield cemetery he will ask them to leave til December.

The floors at the Deerfield Town Hall need to be waxed. The Trustees indicated they would like to have this done in the Spring around April.

New Business: No Report.
The following bills were presented for Trustees’ inspection and approval: See Payment

Register attached.

Mark made a motion to pay these bills and adjourn the meeting. Tiffany seconded the motion and the roll call vote was unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 6:43pm.