Vaughn Sutcliffe

Vaughn Sutcliffe

Fire Chief

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I’m a 1985 graduate of southeast high school / Maple Wood JVS Electronics.

My family has been involved in the Deerfield fire department from its begin in 1947. My father was a founding member and my great uncle was one of the early fire chiefs. Two of my brothers was members through the 70s and 90s. Jim Sutcliffe sr and my late brother Bill Sutcliffe. My nice Stephanie Sutcliffe is a current paramedic Firefighter on the department.

I started in 1986 taking my volunteer firefighter and EMT. Basic class while going to electronic school and working a full time job as a TV repairman.

Over the years I have rose through the ranks from Caption to Assistant Chief and now Chief. taking numerous classes, firefighter 1, Arson Investigation, CPR instructor Ice rescue, Gran Bin Rescue, Emergency Vehicle Drivers instructor.   

My full time job is shift supervisor at Astra Products in Ravanna for 22yrs

I enjoy Boating and camping on my down time.

I’m looking forward to retirement.